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The WORLD SAILING ‘Learn to Sail’ classifications produced under the guidance of the World Sailing Training Commission in partnership with World Sailing ‘Connect to Sailing’, is specifically aimed at learning to sail in small dinghies/catamarans.


WORLD SAILING see training as a fundamental foundation to the sport of sailing without which effective development of the sport is lessened. The World Sailing Training Programmes cover many aspects of setting up sail training centres and this includes identifying suitable equipment that is appropriate for training.

WORLD SAILING identified that boats that have Full or Recognised ‘Racing’ Class Status are not necessarily always the best boats in which to introduce the sport of sailing to newcomers or in which to teach and develop sailing skills at intermediate or even advanced level. Therefore, the ‘Learn To Sail Class Status’ was introduced.

All World Sailing ‘Learn to Sail’ boats that are part of this programme have been independently assessed by World Sailing to be suitable for teaching entry level sailing through to Advanced level and have also undergone assessments such as European CE marking or coastguard assessments.

The equipment is categorised into entry, intermediate and advanced level to help MNAs understand the equipment and signpost a pathway from grass roots sailing to Olympic competition.

The Topper 4.2, Topaz TAZ, TOPAZ Uno, Topaz VIBE, Topaz XENON, Topaz ARGO and Topaz OMEGA sailing dinghies have all been awarded WORLD SAIING’s ‘Learn To Sail’ Class Status. This means that all of these classes have been identified as equipment that WORLD SAILING recommends for training.

The Topaz 12CAT, Topaz 14CAT and Topaz 16CAT catamarans have also all been awarded WORLD SAIING ‘Learn To Sail Class Status’.

Each of these boats now feature a plaque similar to the Blue ‘Racing’ Class plaques featured on racing classes such as the Optimist, Topper, 29er, Laser and 49er classes. The ‘Learn to Sail’ Class plaque is a Red plaque as shown, and signifies that WORLD SAILING recommends these classes for learning to sail, training and development.

For more information, please call Rick Reading on +44 (0) 1233 629186 or email [email protected]


Topper 4.2 – Junior – Beginner – Intermediate

Topper 5.3 – Junior/Youth – Beginner – Advanced

Topaz TAZ – Junior – Beginner

TOPAZ Uno – Junior/Youth – Beginner – Intermediate

Topaz VIBE – Double-handed – Youth – Beginner – Intermediate

Topaz XENON – Double-handed – Intermediate

Topaz ARGO – Double-handed – Intermediate

Topaz OMEGA – Beginner – Intermediate

Topaz 12CAT – Junior/Youth – Beginner

Topaz 14CAT – Youth – Intermediate

Topaz 16CAT – Intermediate – Advanced


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